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A Present and a Rant…

As this blog will testify I love coffee and I love nothing better than being able to participate in café society, drinking a good cup of coffee and enjoying the company of friends and colleagues. It is also nice to be able to offer good coffee in my own home to said friends and to enjoy myself with a good book or just to start the day. A good friend came to visit the other day, not seen in forever and brought me a house gift…a Philips Senseo Coffee Maker. This uses coffee pods of which she had brought a selection, knowing I would want to try it out as soon as possible. It’s a really neat machine, in black, looks good in my small kitchen and the coffee is great. My mate also brought me the link to order more, which I will be doing very shortly. Lots of variety to try including; Rio de Janeiro, Senseo strong, Mocha and decaf for some family members who prefer that!
Why would someone choose decaf is beyond me, especially as research says a certain amount of caffeine has health benefits. Now of course you have to be sensible as there are dangers to but in my opinion it is certainly better to drink coffee than these crazy energy drinks, they contain so much sugar and often can be well over normal caffeine intake for a day ( about 3 cups ) teenagers to my mind are using them far too much. Caffeine is addictive so an awareness of this is important but with all the sport advertising and sponsorship it is easy to see why the drinks easy to buy, taste good and give you a buzz are popular with teenagers. I have also seen so-called adults mixing them with alcohol and then wondering why their hangovers are so bad….the cure for which is more energy drinks. Crazy to my mind…guess you getting the idea I don’t like energy drinks…very true I don’t; seen firsthand the results of this and not a pretty sight. I will stick to coffee.

Philips Senseo coffee maker, using coffee pads to make delicious coffee everytime

My Magnificent Machine!