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Guilty Pleasure Coffee

It is not news that I am addicted to coffee- but I am certainly not one of those purists who find one brand of coffee they like and just stick to it. I like shopping around, and exploring different flavours. I also love trying mixing my own blends. I’m sure I have unique taste buds and maybe some day, I will find the best coffee blend in the whole world, right?

Anyway, there are certain coffees I love drinking when I am just in the mood for guilty pleasure. My guilty pleasures are derived entirely from food- it does not matter if it is actually expensive, or from Brazil. My favourite guilty pleasure is also a little bit of a cheap trick- when I’m in the mood, I just drop a dollop of Nutella in my morning coffee to give it a unique taste. If you feel fancy, you can call it a Mocha Hazelnut Espresso or Frappe. You’re welcome.

Guilty Pleasure Coffee

My second favourite guilty pleasure is fresh cinnamon. I only use cinnamon in my coffee when I have more time and I can slow brew my coffee. I just add some cinnamon when I’m brewing the coffee (as much as suits your taste). It gives it an incredibly earthy flavour- perfect for the heat or the cold!

What are your guilty pleasure coffees? Do share the recipe!