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Different Coffee types


Different types of coffee

             Different types of coffee


A drink made by brewing coffee beans in water is the coffee we know. There are many ways to brew which includes :

  1. Filter/Drip – This is a method in which hot water passes slowly over coffee beans. In the process the water absorbs the aroma and oils and filter coffee is made. It has unique flavour.
  2. French press – French drink coffee in a different way. Instead of passing hot water they pass hot water and dissolve the coffee beans.The coffee beans used are coarser. It gives a different aroma when milk is mixed with coffee.
  3. Percolator – It is a variation of filter coffee, only difference being that hot water is passed through a percolator using gravity to brew the coffee.
  4. Espresso – Espresso coffee is brewed using the espresso machine which passes compressed steam through finely ground coffee beans. Froth is formed at the top known as creme. This variant forms the base for many popular coffee drinks like latte, mocha, Americano and Cappuccino.
  5. Cold brew – This is the new addition to the brewing of coffee. The coffee is brewed at room or lesser temperature to get a cold version of coffee. Its taste is different due to difference in temperature.
  6. Flavoured coffee – Adding to the variations is the flavoured coffee. Introduced by Starbucks and followed by most coffee serving companies it has become very popular. Major flavours include chocolate and vanilla.

These methods bring difference of taste to the brewed drink. In spite of major style changes there is nothing like coffee to relax your brain and muscles.