About me

I’m an addict, a true coffee snob (trust me, this is not AA)…Until I was 29 I never drank coffee, sure, I loved the smell of it, but couldn’t stand the taste, and who needed new vices at that age when alcohol was already so important. But, then I had a mini crisis in my life and was drinking a can of energy drink every morning to get me going at work, pretty soon I realised that was not the best for my liver – I might as well swap to coffee.

Like all true converts I became a zealous preacher overnight. Not happy with anything but the best, god help anyone who even muttered the word instant. I like to think I’ve mellowed in age, but living in Auckland i also think I’m pretty lucky – a vibrant cafe scene, original roasters producing some pretty wonderful stuff. It just gets better every day – let me show you my coffee journey.


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