My Favorite Grocers Coffee – Mass Produced Brand

Folgers coffee

As a coffee fanatic, I don’t think I’m giving away any secrets by saying I love the artisan coffees and the special blends and the coffees that come from great coffee houses. However, one has to have coffee at home to use in one’s coffee maker, and paying an outrageous sum for the grind is, well, a grind all its own. So there are definitely store-bought brands of coffee I like, and one of my favorite from the grocers’ aisle is actually a mass-produced commercialized brand: Folgers.

Folgers is a very popular brand, and they actually produce some pretty good coffee; it’s more or less upper mid-shelf, not high-end, but with a Flavors line featuring vanilla, hazelnut, mocha and others, as well as cappuccino, there’s plenty to choose from with Folgers. Me, I prefer their simple dark roast. Not a morning blend; not anything special caff or overly fancy. Their dark roast is a great product for a store-bought selection.

Of course, if I had my druthers, my mornings would be spent drinking the finest coffee that one could ever produce. But not only is this habit expensive, it’s also very time consuming to constantly seek out world-class coffee. Sometimes, upper mid-shelf will do, and for those occasions, there’s nothing at all wrong with a little Folgers in your cup.


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