Home town treats

As I keep mentioning, the cafe scene in Auckland is as good if not better that any other place I’ve been. We’re blessed with perfect weather for enjoying lazy days relaxing over a lazy breakfast with several truly wonderful cappuccinos. There really is no need to visit a chain cafe, even if your desperate you can turn to yelp and find a decent independent nearby.

The closest I’ll come to a chain is the delicious line up that is the Hip Group – boasting seven cafes turning out heart stopping good espressos and mouth watering food. Sure, they’re not the cheapest, but as my favourite Cafe on Kohi provides such brilliant ocean views that its worth that indulgence.

cold drip hipster coffee

I’ve read that as a city we now boast at least 16 different roasters, and are pushing the boundaries of technique as quick as those great hipster towns such as Berlin or London, embracing methods such as cold drip to test our palettes. While I’m still obsessed by the perfect macchiato, I’m so impressed by the work of Atomic Coffee I’m willing to be their guinea pig any day!

As for my all time favourite cafe, well, if I gave that secret away it might start getting difficult to find a seat. But, I will say it’s a safe bet you’ll find me in Newmarket most days!



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